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We have set prices so that you can plan your junk removal with ease.

Loading & Hauling

Our crew handles all the loading and hauling. Just drop off your junk and we'll take care of the rest.

Responsible Disposal

All junk will be appropriately sorted via recyclables, trash, or donation.

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Where do you dump the furniture, conditioners, fridge that you no longer use? Removing them from the house and replacing them with a new one is a daunting task. They are heavy and occupy space. Junk can be frustrating, mainly when they are many and redundant.

Sometimes the construction site is full of debris, and you are wondering what to do next. Burbank Junk Removal can save you money, time, and remove all the trash in your compound with a team of trash removal professionals.

About Our Burbank Junk Removal Service

Burbank Junk Removal is a reputable company that deals with junk collection from homes, offices, and construction sites. We boast of a team of professional and honest trash hauling experts that will deliver the baggage to the right destination. We are registered with relevant government authority and operate legally. We have done this business for years now, and you can trust us with your junk.

Our Burbank trash hauling services are super, and clients have trusted us with their trash. They keep calling to clear their basement, collecting old furniture, TV, and other electrical equipment that require removal. Our services are eco-friendly.

Your search for professional junk removal services has come to an end; Burbank Junk removal is your ultimate solution.

Why You Should Hire Us

There are many reasons to choose Burbank’s #1 Junk Removal Service

  • Guarantee safety. Our professional Burbank trash removal experts do everything as you watch. Some items might be bulky and risky for you to handle. No matter the size, it will be safely loaded to the pick-up without any damage.
  • Affordable price: we offer value for your money. What we charge is 10% below what other similar companies require, yet our services are excellent. Packing the junk to the loading stage requires time and money, yet we are the cheapest in the region.
  • Flexibility. Your physical presence is not mandatory during removal. You can pack all your junk and tells where to pick them. Moreover, we don’t trespass and compromise the protected properties without consent.
  • Upfront payment. We let you know what you need to pay on time.

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Why Our Burbank Junk Removal & Hauling Service Is the Best

  • Excellent customer service 24/7
  • Pull of professional loaders
  • We value time and waiting is reduced to the minimum
  • You don’t need to physically come to our offices, sign up the order form
  • Your bonus from every client you refer to us
  • The only junk-removal service provider, with the lowest rates and high quality


Call us today and sign-up the order form now. We guarantee you reliable, professional, and timely removal of your trash. We do the sorting and distribute your property as you wish.

Do you have a construction company? After the building is complete, the environment is littered with debris. We get you covered. Remove the garbage from your garage, school, and workshop. Calls us to remove old belongings from inherited properties and convert rooms for you.

Junk-removal from residential homes to business premises is our pride.

We remove everything and anything apart from harmful elements.

Get your junk removed by Burbank Junk Removal professionals.

What We Take

It does not matter the size of your items; we remove anything and everything. Our team will haul and clean up all that you feel should be discarded.

Here are some of the baggage we remove.

  • Medical equipment: some are heavy and bulky. It could be a wheelchair you bought due to illness and have healed, and it does not serve you anymore.
  • Mattresses: mattress can be cumbersome, and they occupy large space too. Our Burbank mattress disposal experts will pick it up. Don’t break your neck while struggling to carry that mattress. Call us today.
  • Used and old toys: the children are now adults, and the accumulated toys fill your room, remove them. Additionally, remove the broken toys and old fashioned ones. Burbank junk-removal will give the best services in removing them.
  • Furniture: that seven seated sofa set you bought with your first salary is no longer fashionable and you want to be removed, call us. The wooden clothe-stand in your bedroom that you wish to replace with a new digital age metal stand can be professionally removed by our Burbank furniture removal pros.

Electronic devices: The lifespan of all electronic gadgets are limited. How to dispose of that old fridge, TV, the desktop can be nerve-racking. The elating news is here; we remove all these devices with precision care without any damage.

Other junk removal services include: clearing construction sites, collecting trees leaves in your compound, removing belonging in old buildings, and many more. However, we don’t remove toiletries, insolvents, ammunitions, chemicals, and other hazardous things.

How It Works

The process of hiring our junk removal services is simple, like ABC.

Step #1. You pick a date of your choice and give us a call 3 hours to the time you want the junk picked

Step#2. We call you 20 minutes before arrival to alert you.

Step#3. If we build consensus on pricing, we pick your junk up for disposal, donation, or to a recycling plant.

Burbank’s Top Rated Junk Removal & Hauling Service

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