What We Take

What We Take – Junk Removal Services

Decluttering your living space by yourself can be a nightmare. Burbank Junk Removal has made a name in mattress removal, garage cleanouts and removing trash from construction sites, among others. When you choose Burbank Junk Removal, you can expect world-class services from reputable professionals. In our organization, we believe in making your life easier by providing unmatched junk hauling services.

What Is Junk Removal?

Junk removal is a service that helps you to get rid of all kinds of trash from your home or office. These services are readily available, meaning you can call a company to remove the trash on the same day. However, it is always imperative to make an appointment to ensure you receive world-class services. There are two standard options for getting rid of junk from your home or office.

Truck hauling: If you are inclined to this service, the junk removal service will arrive at your place with a dumpster in a truck. They will haul all your trash in the dumpster fitted in a truck and drive away. This option is preferable if your garbage has already piled off.

Dumpster rental: With this option, the junk removal company drops off a dumpster in your location. The company leaves the dumpster in your area for you to fill it at your leisure. Once the dumpster is full, the company returns and hails the dumpster away. This option is preferable when decluttering a home or office for a prolonged period.

What We Take

It is daunting and tiresome to declutter your home by yourself. That’s why hiring our team is in your best interest. We haul all types of waste, whether small or big. Here is a list of items we take.

Musical Instruments

A grand piano can bring joy to your family. However, if the piano is incredibly big, it can cause a lot of inconveniences. If you want to create extra space in your room, you might consider getting rid of the piano. We remove all types of musical instruments, regardless of size. We can help you get rid of a trombone, acoustic guitar, violin, or other musical instruments.

Household Appliances

It is prudent to discard old households that no longer spark joy in your life. An old microwave, blender, or cooker can make your house look messy. We have helped many homeowners to remove damaged refrigerators, washing machines, and water heaters.


Unused mattresses can take a lot of space in your house. They are also heavy, and discarding them by yourself can be a nightmare. Carrying a huge mattress on your back can leave you extremely tired or even cause injuries. To protect yourself from stubborn pains and stiffness, hire our team to removal your old mattresses at ease.

Electronic Devices

All electronic devices have a lifespan. It comes a time when you have no choice other than to dispose of your desktop computer or television that is no longer functional. Our team has vast experience in handling all types of electronic devices. If you need to dispose of your old television, computer, or home theatre, we will come to your rescue.

Medical Supplies

Medical junk needs to be handled with care. If you have any medical equipment that you no longer use, it is wise to dispose of it. Maybe you have ever sustained a severe injury, and your doctor recommended a wheelchair as part of the treatment process. There comes a time when you want to dispose of the wheelchair to create space in your home. In case you want to dispose of medical equipment, we will remove them rapidly and efficiently.

Furniture Pieces

Furniture pieces are bulky and make your house look smaller. If you want to make your living room look voluminous, get rid of the old sofas that have been in your place for decades. Additionally, if you want to dispose of a dresser or a coffee table, we are here to help you out.

Old Toys

Watching adorable children playing with toys is mesmerizing. However, kids get bored after playing with a toy for an extended period. They also lose interest in some toys as they grow older. If your child is no longer interested in toys, there is no need to keep them in your home. Reach us so that we can swiftly help you to dispose of the toys.

What We Do with The Junk We Take Away

Itdepends on the kind of junk we collect in your home or office. We strive to dispose of trash in an environmentally friendly way and give back to communities. We ensure that all salvageable junk ends up in the hands of those who can benefit from it. We donate toys, clothing, linens, and furniture that are in good condition to relief groups.

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